Nutrition and Supplements


Dieting can often be quite overwhelming and lead to many failed weight loss attempts. At MARC, we will work with you to create a healthy nutrition plan that is both reasonable and maintainable long term. Weight management is not about quick radical weight loss, but rather sustainable changes to maintain your new healthy lifestyle. Our providers will work with and teach you simple guidelines to make smarter nutrition decisions. In addition, we offer a high protein medical-grade meal replacement program and snack bars to augment any healthy diet. We will also address other important nutritional issues, such as water intake and alcohol consumption, which can impact your weight loss journey.

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Introducing physical activity can be hard if you currently lead a primarily sedentary lifestyle. Our providers will work with you on realistic activity goals to stimulate your weight loss. A simple walk around your block 3-4 times per week can be enough to jumpstart your metabolism. Mild to moderate exercise can also provide exciting benefits other than weight loss, including improved mood, reduced stress, better sleep, and improvement of numerous medical conditions.


Here at MARC we recommend several dietary supplements to improve weight loss success and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our supplements are medical-grade and scientifically formulated. We believe every client should have a foundational vitamin regimen to ensure you consume all the daily essential nutrients. Our preferred multivitamin supplement is a powerful 4-in-1 combination to meet your daily needs. We also offer weight loss pills and supplements to naturally boost metabolism, promote fat burning, reduce cravings, and improve blood sugar. After your initial consultation, we will tailor our recommendations for your specific needs.