MARC Success Stories

Our clients share their before and after stories and testimonials related to MARC's regenerative medicine and aesthetic rejuvenation treatments.

Stem cell injection prevents invasive knee replacement

Edward Addie

"After several years of constant pain in my knee I was told by an orthopedic surgeon that I needed a partial knee replacement. And one year later, after my stem cell injection, I am in full swing! Playing pick-up basketball games, running and enjoying a much better quality of life!"

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Nikos pain free after stem cell injection for tennis elbow and knee pain

Nikos A.

“Pain from tennis elbow and arthritis in my knee slowed me down. 3 weeks after my stem cell injection, I saw a major reduction in my pain.”

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Darren, a MARC patient who had herniated disc who lost 70 lbs after being able to move from stem cell injection

Darren M.

A stem cell injection in his back allowed him to get out of bed, lift his toddler, and return to work within a month!

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Stem cell injections stopped knee pain for her completely

Cindy Echerd

Stem cell injections in both her knees lessened her knee pain by 75% within 2 months!

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