IV Therapy

IV Therapy is the process of restoring fluid and vitamins/minerals to the body via injection. This process bypasses absorption in the GI system and is thought to be a more direct way to get supplementation into the body. A small IV is placed and your tailored mixture is infused in under an hour!

At MARC, we are currently offering the below IV treatments:

Immunity Therapy

This cocktail of vitamin C, complex B vitamins, and zinc is designed to help boost your immune system. Possible benefits are protection against infection, building up your immune system, and improved healing time when you get sick.

Get Up and Go Therapy

This blend of complex B vitamins and amino acids is designed to kickstart your metabolism. Additional possible benefits include restoring energy, helpings to burn fat, and improving physical performance. This blend is perfect for a wide variety of clients, from someone starting a weight loss journey and to an avid exerciser looking for a boost.

Quench Hydration Therapy

This mixture of vitamin C, complex B vitamins, and minerals is designed to rehydrate your body and combat fatigue. Possible benefits include rehydration, detoxification, reduction of inflammation, improved circulation, and improved fatigue.

Questions About Our IV Therapies?

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