Medications and Injections for Weight Loss


Part of your weight management journey with MARC may include prescription medications. The most common weight management medications are appetite suppressants; the most commonly known is Phentermine. These medications decrease the appetite and can help you feel fuller while eating smaller portions.

We also offer medications to help boost insulin function and improve blood sugar control. These medications can have the added benefit of improving other medical conditions, such as diabetes. There can be risks to these medications and our expert team will determine if you are a candidate at your initial consultation.


Injection therapies are a popular option in weight management.  We offer several injections at MARC, including our “Fat Buster” or "Fat Burner" shot. The injection combines several essential vitamins (such as B12) and amino acids not readily absorbed in the foods we eat or produced by our bodies.  Supplementing these vitamins and amino acids can stimulate weight loss, boost energy, and speed up the metabolism and removal of fat cells.