What is Sofwave™ Technology?

Are you looking for an instant skin-tightening treatment that can be done in as little as 60 minutes? Then Sofwave™ technology might be just what you want. Sofwave™ delivers Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam SUPERB™ technology to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and lifting to the eyebrows, neck, and submental areas. Sofwave™ is FDA cleared and clinically proven to remodel collagen, which improves facial lines and wrinkles, and lifts the eyebrows, and neck area.

WHAT IS SOFWAVE™ TECHNOLOGY?Sofwave™ technology treatment works to tighten skin with immediate results. It incites cellular activity to stimulate collagen benefiting your skin long after your appointment ends. Collagen and elastin begin to break down as early as our mid-20s causing our skin to wrinkle and lose its elasticity. This clinically proven treatment provides instant and long-lasting results that will delight patients.

How Does Sofwave™ Technology Work?

Sofwave™ Treatment Before After (Neck)In a single 60-120 minute treatment, your practitioner will use the proprietary Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam SUPERB™ ultrasound technology to pass energy through the skin’s surface, heating the mid-dermal tissue at the precise depth and temperature needed to rejuvenate collagen fibers and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

First, your practitioner will use a numbing cream to numb the areas being treated. Once the numbing cream has taken effect, then your practitioner will take the ultrasound wand and work in a grid-like pattern across the section of your skin being treated. Each cycle lasts about 30 seconds. If there are certain trouble-spots that you or your practitioner believe would benefit from more attention, extra treatment can be provided to those spots for improved results. 

Overall, patients can expect the Sofwave™ procedure to last about an hour for brow, neck or cellulite, and up to two hours for a combined full face and neck, a quick turnaround for such impressive results. 

After this non-invasive treatment is complete, patients should anticipate a warm feeling on their face. Not painful, but like when the sun hits your face. For some with more sensitive or reactive skin there might be a noticeable redness that causes slight discomfort. However, this quickly becomes more subtle in a few hours. 

Immediate and Impressive Results

Sofwave™ Before After Neck Photos (Gastonia, NC)The Sofwave™ procedure is sweeping the aesthetic industry because the results are so impressive. This non-invasive, non-surgical procedure is completed during a short appointment with no post-procedure downtime. Sofwave™ clinical studies show no adverse side effects to the procedure. Patients experience immediate and long-lasting results. 

Patients rave about:

  • Improved smooth necklines
  • Lifted eyebrows and lids
  • Overall skin tightness and firmness
  • Defined jawlines and cheekbones

Innovative and Non-Invasive Wrinkle Reduction

If you are hoping for a more youthful appearance, but you don’t want a surgical procedure or the excessive downtime associated with post-procedure recovery, Sofwave™ is just what you need. For more detailed information about this groundbreaking technology, please read here

At MARC, our clinicians are experienced Sofwave™ practitioners that have been providing aesthetic rejuvenation treatments in the Gastonia, NC area for over 15 years. Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment today. A youthful appearance is waiting for you!