What is the Difference Between Aesthetics and Esthetics?

At MARC, our regenerative medical satff is often asked what the difference is between aesthetics and esthetics. At first glance, it seems that the letter ‘a’ is the only difference between the two terms. In general use, both spellings are correct. In both forms the word is synonymous with what we find beautiful. In the beauty industry, however, there are significant differences between aesthetics and esthetics, and aestheticians and estheticians. 

The Difference

When thinking about the differences between aesthetics and esthetics the key takeaway is the medical component. Aesthetics provides medical-based facial and beauty treatments while esthetics offers beneficial cosmetic beauty services. Both aestheticians and estheticians are licensed skin care specialists, but the types of procedures and services vary for each.

Training Requirements

MARC provides aesthetic and esthetic services to enhance beauty and anti-aging (Gastonia, NC)Both aestheticians and estheticians require educational training and certification from accredited cosmetology, esthetics, or medical programs. These programs generally require significant hands-on training prior to becoming certified. Both help clients achieve better skin but may utilize different approaches in that process.

Aestheticians work with more clinical concepts. This will include advanced skin care techniques and equipment, some of which may require the supervision of a medical professional. At times referred to as medical aestheticians, they are skilled to assess and treat complex medical-level skincare. Clinical or medical aestheticians treat patients with skin trauma from natural aging to sun damage to recovery from burn injuries, chemotherapy, or radiation.   

Estheticians focus on overall skin health, preventative maintenance, and facial rejuvenation. Their work overlaps with that of a medical aesthetician, but an esthetician offers more cosmetic beauty interventions.  A master esthetician is someone with advanced training that has exceptional knowledge of cosmetic skincare.

Where They Practice and What Services They Provide

As we see advancements in the beauty industry, it is not uncommon for estheticians and medical aestheticians to work collaboratively in comprehensive skincare offices medical spas, and anti-aging regenerative medical clinics. Their services may overlap, but as explained earlier expect a medical aesthetician to provide more complex skin treatments.

Licensed Aestheticians practice in medical spas, dermatology offices, healthcare facilities, plastic surgery medical practices, and specialty burn centers. While estheticians provide their services in day spas, wellness centers, salons, and spa resorts.

Aesthetic services include:

Esthetic services include:

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The good news is that MARC provides both aesthetic and esthetic services to enhance beauty and anti-aging. When it comes to addressing your skincare needs, the comprehensive and holistic approach offered at MARC – Medical Aesthetics Regenerative Center, provides patients with superior care and attention. Our team uses the latest technological advancements in our industry to provide our clients with exceptional patient care. Our medical aesthetic and esthetic teams work collaboratively to help each client look and feel their best. Contact MARC to schedule your personalized consultation.