Stem Cell Follow Up Visit: Pain-Free In Less Than 4 Months

Nikos A. was selected to be on the USA Men's Track & Field team for the 1992 Olympic Games. Prior to the event, Nikos suffered a spine injury that brought his athletic career to an end. Nikos sought medical treatment to alleviate his pain on three different continents. In 2014, Nikos saw Dr. Hunter, who performed back surgery, which allowed him to return to normal. 

Just this year, Nikos again saw Dr. Hunter at MARC for pain in his left knee (from arthritis) and his right elbow (from tennis elbow). Dr. Hunter recommended a stem cell injection for both joints for the pain. Within 3 weeks, his elbow was feeling 85% better and knee is 98% better.  And, now at his 4-month follow-up appointment, he is pain-free.


Video Transcript

This is Nikos. I’m an ex-international Olympic athlete and threw for The University of Oregon discus and hammer. Dr. Hunter operated on my spine six years ago. Totally brought me back to life. I saw him a few months ago and explained I have been facing problems with my left knee and my right elbow. He suggested a stem cell injection with stem cells that come from my own body. We did the injection and I just did the follow up now, four months later. I’m 100% back. 100% back pain free, back in the gym, and can go up stairs. Come see Dr. Hunter at Medical Aesthetics Regenerative Center in Gastonia North Carolina. He is amazing. He’ll get your life back.