New Esthetics Services: Microdermabrasion & Dermaplaning Treatments

MARC now offers Microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning treatments as part of our broader Esthetics and skincare therapies and services.  Whether you're looking for a one-time facial or a customized treatment plan, our licensed esthetician provides professional skincare treatments in a medical setting to can help you to achieve your skin care goals.

MEDICAL AESTHETICS REGENERATIVE CENTER (MARC), which serves Gastonia and the broader Charlotte, NC area, continues to offer new and exciting esthetic therapies to help you look and feel younger. 

Our Microdermabrasion Treatments remove built-up of dead skin cells on your skin’s surface to provide smoother and brighter skin in the treated areas, while our Dermaplaning Treatments exfoliate the surface of your skin and remove small, fine hairs on your face for improved skin texture and a smoother complexion. 

Click here to learn more about our Microdermabrasion Treatment or our Dermaplaning Treatments. Or call us at 704-868-6100.